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Stanhay planter service sign

Stanhay Repair Shop

For decades, Sutton Ag has specialized in Stanhay planter sales and service. Beginning with the humble and enduring belt planter, and continuing with the modern and innovative vacuum planter, our Stanhay repair shop provides thorough and accurate service, from a quick metering unit tune-up to get your units back in to the field ASAP, to a complete rebuild to get your units looking and operating like new again. We pride ourselves in knowing we’re the preeminent source for Stanhay service.

In more recent years, we’ve expanded beyond just servicing Stanhay units to complete equipment fabrication and repair. From planter shoes, sleds and stacker bars, to small harvesters and accessories, we work directly with growers to build customized equipment. Our in-house planter design and fabrication shop specializes in building your unique equipment to your unique specifications.

  • Need a heavy duty stacker bar for your vacuum planter? We can do it.
  • Have an unusual soil condition that requires specialized runners on your planter sled? We can do it.
  • Want Seed Spider metering units on your small trial planter? We can do it.
  • Need Stanhay precision for your one of a kind research planter? We can do it.
  • Need specialized planter shoes to meet special planting conditions? We can do it.
  • Need to add a spray system to your planter? We can do it.
  • Need a one of a kind harvester accessory? We can do it.

Packer Wheel Fabrication

Some planting conditions require special packer wheels. We can fabricate packer wheels to practically any specs.

For especially muddy conditions, plastic or rubber scrapers can be added to lessen mud build up on the wheels.

Standard Stanhay packer wheelStandard Stanhay packer wheel
Extra wide packer wheelExtra wide packer wheel for Stanhay planter
Packer wheels with scrapersPacker wheels with scrapers

Worn-out Stanhay shoe ..... prepped for repair ....... to "like new" condition.
Multi-line Stanhay planter shoe ...... UHMW runners ...... Chromium runner

Seed Planter Shoe Repair
Stanhay Planter Shoes

Planter shoes are one of the most important components of precision planting.

We repair shoes for Stanhay planters and fabricate them for a variety of others.

When the tips are worn out, single-line shoes can be repaired with durable chromium inserts. In this process, the worn out metal is cut off and the insert is welded in place.

Multi-line shoes can be repaired with UHMW plastic, or long-lasting chromium runners.

Seed Planter Shoe Fabrication
Chromium Inserts

Our chromium inserts are adaptable to most planter shoes and can be designed to meet your specific planting needs.

Planter shoes for high density seeders (Seed Spider, Sutton Seeder, Sutton Jr.) are fabricated using chromium inserts, and we've developed a special chromium shoe for use with our Clean Seeder AP units.

Chromium InsertsChromium inserts range in size to suit shallow to deep plantings; they're adaptable to most planter shoes.

Seed Planter Spray Systems
Planter SledStanhay vacuum planter and Gandy material applicators in Sutton Ag sled
Seed Planter Spray Systems

Our spray system is made to order. It can be incorporated into the design of your new planter, or it can be added to an existing planter.

Spray shields can be elaborate or simple. Durable, inexpensive shield material can be easily replaced as it wears out.

Seed Planter Sled Fabrication

Proper planter support and weight distribution are essential for accurate seed placement. This can be achieved through the use of a planter sled.

Planter sleds also provide optimum planter tracking for more accurate cultivation, improved planting depth control, and even greater planting depth control with the addition of bed rollers.

Sleds can be built with numerous options including material applicators, spray systems, walking surfaces, railing, seating, bed shapers, etc.

Our adjustable height planter sleds provide optimum planter support and weight distribution, making your precision equipment even more precise. We custom build every sled to grower specs.

Stacker Bar Fabrication:

The introduction of the stacker bar has made transportation of large planters much safer and more efficient.

The Sutton Ag Stacker Bar can be made to accommodate practically any size planter.

Stacker bars can be built with numerous options including bed rollers, walker surfaces, railing, seating, storage systems, etc.

Visit our Stacker Bar page for more information.

Stanhay Star vacuum planter in Sutton Ag stacker bar.Stanhay Star vacuum planter in Sutton Ag stacker bar.
Stanhay vacuum planter in Sutton Ag planter sled with catwalk & bench.Stanhay vacuum planter in Sutton Ag planter sled with catwalk & bench.

Planter Sled & Stacker Bar Options:

Sleds and stacker bars can be built with or without railing, walking surfaces, seating, or onboard storage.

For more information, visit our Stacker Bar and Planter Sled pages.

Bed Shaper Fabrication:

Crops that need to be grown on perfectly shaped beds require special bed shaping equipment. We offer bed shapers in a variety of styles.

Bed shapers can be incorporated into the design of a new planter sled.

Visit our Planter Sleds page for more information.

Bed shapersShaper ring on 12" bed roller .... Hood style bed shapers.
Seed Planter

Seed Planter Fabrication:

Our Sutton Seeder and Sutton Jr. planters are ideal for high density seeding.

For more information, visit our Sutton Seeder and Sutton Jr. pages.

Harvester Accessory Fabrication:

We fabricate a variety of accessories for Ortomec harvesters including shaker tables, awnings, conveyor systems, water systems, lighting systems, etc.

Visit our Ortomec Harvesters page for more information.

Ortomec harvester with lights, sunshade awning, shaker table, slide table and water spray system retrofitted by Sutton AgOrtomec harvester with lights, sunshade awning, shaker table, slide table and water spray system retrofitted by Sutton Ag
HarvestStar™ push harvester with band blade cutting head

Mini-Harvester Fabrication:

Our HarvestStar™ push harvester comes with a standard cutting width of up to 28-inches, but can be modified for wider citting widths. We can also modify it to accommodate table top harvest in greenhouses.

Visit our HarvestStar™ page for more information.

Sutton Ag farm equipment fabricationAlmost-Anything Farm Equipment Fabrication

At Sutton Ag, we specialize in equipment repair and fabrication for all sizes of farming operations.

From small plot trial planters and specialized mini-harvesters, to large commercial scale vacuum planters, we're happy to entertain all requests and uniquely equipped to fulfill most of them.

Need a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment?
Just ask!


Sutton Seeder MeteringLarge capacity Sutton Seeder metering units feeding Stanhay S870 planter units.
Stanhay research planterStanhay S870 research planter.
Seed Spider PlanterWalk-behind Seed Spider planter.
Motorized clean seederMotorized Clean Seeder walk-behind planter.