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Clean Seeder TP Seed Plate



The Clean Seeder TP planter accurately plants seeds as small as peas and as large as squash, and handles all types of grains.

The Clean Seeder TP employs the seed plate system, the time-tested system used on many reliable seed planters, and the preferred system for many growers.

The TP metering unit holds the seed plate at an angle. As the plate rotates, seed is singulated into holes in the plate. A repeller brush prevents additional seed from exiting the hopper.

TP seed plates have holes of various sizes and quantities. The shape and size of the hole is matched to the seed size. The number of holes in the seed plate determines seed spacing.

A wide range of plates are available for planting large vegetable seeds from peas, beans, and corn size, to pumpkin/squash-size, as well as grains like barley, sorghum, rice, etc.

The A-2 Seed plate is the most popular, and is included with TP planter unit purchase. A-2 is for planting medium to large seeds sized 10.5 mm / .41 inch. Made of durable plastic. (yes, Clean Seeder TP plates are interchangeable Jang TD plates) All available plates are listed below, including a plate without any holes (blank) for your personal customization.