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Checchi & Magli Transplanters

Checchi & Magli transplanters feature a unique delivery system that allows plants to be placed in the soil in a perfectly upright position, from 6 inches apart, to 20 inches apart. Land wheel drive assures very accurate plant placement. All models have a variety of shoes available for different size plants. Tray racks and carousels, shade canopy, lights are just a few of the accessories available. Water systems that deliver a measured amount directly to the plant can be incorporated (with or without a tank).

Checchi & Magli's Trium Transplanters - high capacity, standard plugs and trays, best for tall plants

Some transplanters deal well with very developed leaves but most cannot handle tall plants. Trium models feature a unique stainless steel plate drop system that handles tall and leafy plants with ease, and has much lower maintenance vs. more traditional half-cup systems.

Varying soil types and moisture conditions are no trouble for Trium's versatile chassis and packer wheels. Continuous rotation and plant drop timing are standard features.

Checchi Magli Trium45 transplanterChecchi & Magli's Trium45 transplanter

Checchi Magli UniTrium vebetable transplanterChecchi & Magli's UniTrium45 transplanter


Trium45 and UniTrium45 transplanters are the same except for their drive. Trium45 is land wheel driven and Unitrium45 is "self driven".

Land wheel drive is preferred in most situations for the most accurate plant spacing available, and is typical on larger multi-row units.

The self-driven UniTrium45 is ideal for smaller units, helping to keep costs down.

Trium45 and UniTrium45 are ideal for transplanting cauliflower, tomato, cabbage, and brussels sprouts

Plant spacing range: from 6 to 20 inches, with optional spacings from 4 to 40 inches

Minimum row-unit to row-unit spacing: 18-inches for 10-cup models, and 24-inches for 12-cup models.

Estimated production: 4,500 plants per hour per operator for 10-cup models, and 6,000 plants per hour per operator for 12-cup models.

Checchi Magli Baby Trium vegetable transplanterChecchi & Magli's Baby Trium transplanter


Baby Trium's features are similar to Trium45, but Baby Trium weighs less, is more compact, and has a 6-cup carousel. This design is ideal for a tandem configuration (DT) which is capable of planting rows as close as 10-inches apart. Baby Trium is ideal for wide bed plantings of 5 and 6 lines per bed.

Baby Trium is ideal for transplanting lettuce and baby-head lettuce.

Plant spacing range: 6 to 20 inches with optional spacing of 12 to 32 inches.

Minimum row-unit to row-unit spacing: 20-inches, 10-inches when tandem (DT)

Estimated production: 3,000 plants per hour per operator