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Checchi & Magli SEEDPRO Transplanter/Direct Seeder

Checchi & Magli transplanters feature a unique delivery system that allows plants to be placed in the soil in a perfectly upright position, from 6 inches apart, to 20 inches apart. Land wheel drive assures very accurate plant placement. All models have a variety of shoes available for different size plants. Tray racks and carousels, shade canopy, lights are just a few of the accessories available. Water systems that deliver a measured amount directly to the plant can be incorporated (with or without a tank).

Checchi & Magli Seedpro transplanter seeder 
SeedPro attaches directly to the Wolf Pro transplanter

Checchi & Magli Seedpro transplanter seederSeedPro plants seed and transplants through plastic

SEEDPRO is the first of its kind transplanter and direct seeder combination for planting through plastic mulch. SeedPro functions as a traditional transplanter or a vacuum seeder.

By combining vacuum seed planting and through-plastic transplanting technology, SEEDPRO delivers the unique ability to plant raw seed or transplants into plastic mulch or bare ground, and can also apply synchronized water to each individual plant.

SEEDPRO is ideal for growers of crops planted through plastic such as pumpkin, tomato, melon, zucchini, cucumber and peppers.

Transplanting is labor-intensive, and transplants themselves are expensive. Direct seeding through plastic is an alternative to transplants, but is extremely labor intensive as it is traditionally done entirely by hand.

In addition to planting transplants with SEEDPRO, growers will gain the ability to direct seed crops through plastic, resulting in substantial cost savings in labor and input.

Checchi Magli Seedpro transplanting seeder
SeedPro sprays a precise amount of water over each individual plant