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Checchi & Magli Baby Compact Transplanter

Checchi & Magli transplanters feature a unique delivery system that allows plants to be placed in the soil in a perfectly upright position, from 6 inches apart, to 20 inches apart. Land wheel drive assures very accurate plant placement. All models have a variety of shoes available for different size plants. Tray racks and carousels, shade canopy, lights are just a few of the accessories available. Water systems that deliver a measured amount directly to the plant can be incorporated (with or without a tank).

Checchi & Magli Baby Compact vegetable transplanter


As its name implies, Checchi & Magli's Baby Compact transplanter is ideal for close spacing production.

With a 6-cup carousel, the rows can be placed together as close as 11-inches. No other transplanter is available with this unique ability.

Available with rear-facing or forward-facing seats.

Baby Compact is ideal for broccoli, lettuce, tomato, pepper, and leek

Plant spacing: 6-inches to 20-inches with optional spacing from 4-inches to 32-inches

Minimum plant-line to plant-line spacing: 11-inches

Estimated production: 4000 plants per hour per operator