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Bird Netting Services

Bird Netting is a highly effective means of bird control. By excluding pest birds from your crop, you can significantly reduce crop losses.

BirdNet can be applied most efficiently in full rolls, but can also be cut into shorter lengths for application by hand, or wrapped onto spools for machine application.

We offer a variety of bird netting options and accessories to suit many applications.

Bird net rolls

Cross-Cut Bird Netting Service

We can cross-cut a full 14-foot wide roll of Premium Grade Bird Netting to your specifications.

 Stock cross-cut bird netting rolls:
  • 3.5 feet wide x 5,000 feet long fruit-zone roll ("side netting")
  • 7 feet wide x 5,000 feet long

Non-stock widths require purchase of full 14-foot wide roll of Bird Netting.
Service available for Premium Bird Netting only (not available for Knit Net).

$19.50 / cut (+ cost of Bird Netting)

Bird net spools

Bird Netting Spooling Service

We can pre-spool your bird netting for easier handling.

New spools or your existing spools can be used.

Spools and Bird Netting are sold separately

Spooling does not require purchase of full roll of Bird Netting

Spool holds about 1,000 linear feet of 14-foot wide Bird Netting

$25 / spool (+ cost of Bird Netting and spools if needed)