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Clean Seeder AP Seed Wheels



The Clean Seeder AP features a unique seed metering system that allows you to plant a wide range of seed spacing.

At the heart of the metering system is the Seed Metering Wheel (seed roll). Cells in the wheel hold seed in place. As the wheel rotates, seeds are singulated into the cells, then carried past the repeller brush and dropped into the planting shoe/ground opener.

Durable plastic seed wheels have molded seed-cells of various sizes and quantities. The shape and size of the cell is matched to the seed size. The number of cells in the seed wheel determines seed spacing. A wide variety of inexpensive seed wheels are available allowing for planting of practically any small seed crop.

The seed metering wheel list below lists a range of typical crops for each cell size. Crops not listed can likely be planted using any seed wheel with a cell size that most closely matches your seed size.

To order a seed wheel, determine seed size and desired spacing; order wheel according to letter and number of cells per wheel. eg: "A-6" wheel is size 13.5 mm with 6 holes; "A-12" wheel is size 13.5 mm with 12 holes. Y-12 is the most common wheel.

(yes, Clean Seeder seed wheels are compatible with Jang planters)

Clean Seeder AP Seed Spacing Guide
  Cells per seed wheel
 Seed spacing range
8.25 inches to 20.0 inches 
6.25 inches to 15.0 inches 
4.25 inches to 10.25 inches 
3.25 inches to 7.5 inches 
 2.5 inches to 6 inches
2.0 inches to 5.0 inches 
 1.0 inch to 2.5 inches

Cells in wheel + sprocket combo = seed spacing
Clean Seeder AP Seed Wheel (seed roll) List

Seed spacing for Clean Seeder and Jang planters is based on the number of cells in the seed wheel + sprocket combination.

Commonly used seed wheels have 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 cells per wheel. Less common wheels have up to 30 cells per wheel and can have irregularly shaped cells.

All available wheels are listed below, including a wheel without any cells (blank) for your personal customization.