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Tractor-drawn planters
Stanhay S870 belt planter
Stanhay Belt Planters
The S870 remains the most popular drill for planting row crops since its inception over 4 decades ago. From single-row push planters, to multi-row stacker bar mounted planters.
Stanhay S785 vacuum planter
Stanhay Vacuum Planters
Ideal for planting raw seed, Stanhay's S785 and Star vacuum units plant coated or uncoated seed with unmatched precision.
Gaspardo vacuum planter
Gaspardo Vacuum Planters
Singulation of large seed like corn, bean, and pea is nearly 100% with Gaspardo vacuum planters.
Push planters
Seed Spider planter
Seed Spider High Density Planter
More high density crops like spring mix and spinach are planted with Seed Spider than any other planter.
Sutton Seeder
Sutton Seeder High Density Planter
Designed for precision and efficiency, our Sutton Seeder high density planter is flexible and easy to use.
Ortomec Multi-Seeder
Ortomec Multi-Seeder
Ortomec's Multi-Seed planter meets the needs of high density crop growers.
Sutton Jr. planter
Sutton Jr. High Density Planter
Our Sutton Jr. delivers very consistent and accurate seed placement for your high density crops. Available in push-type or 3-pt. mounted.
Seed Ace vacuum seeder
Seed Ace Vacuum Seeder
The Seed Ace is the first push-type vacuum planter designed for singulation of many types of small seed.
Clean Seeder AP
Clean Seeder AP
The inexpensive Clean Seeder AP is designed for planting small seeds including vegetables, herbs and flowers.
Clean Seeder TP
Clean Seeder TP
The Clean Seeder TP is an affordable seed planter that accurately plants seeds as small as peas and as large a squash, and also handles all types of grains.
EarthWay Seeder
The lightweight, inexpensive EarthWay garden seeder is the most popular push planter for small planting jobs. Available in single and multi-row units.
Checchi & Magli transplanters
Checchi & Magli
Texdrive, Dual-12, Trium, and Wolf transplanters from Checchi & Magli feature a unique delivery system that allows plants to be placed in the soil perfectly upright.

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