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Visual devices are a valuable tool in your pest bird control arsenal.

Reflective tapes are ideal for bird control just about anywhere. Tied off in streamers or suspended clothesline fashion, the slightest breeze causes the tape to emit a crackling sound and flash with mirror bright reflections. These types of tapes do conduct electricity, so beware of power lines, electrical wires, etc.
BirdBaffler reflective bird control tape
BirdBaffler™ Reflective Tape is 1-inch wide x 500-feet long and is available in silver/silver, or red/silver. It's our most popular and most economically priced bird control tape.
Silver/Silver BirdBaffler™ Tape: $3.45/roll (1" x 500' roll)
Red/Silver BirdBaffler™ Tape: $3.75/roll (1" x 500' roll)
FlashTape reflective bird control tape
Red/silver "extended use" Flash Tape lasts a bit longer than our BirdBaffler™ Reflective Tape (coloring does not wear off as quickly). Available in 290-foot rolls, 1/2-inch wide or 1.25-inch wide.
RainbowTape reflective bird control tape
FlashTape, 1/2" x 290' roll: $2.60/roll
FlashTape, 1.25" x 290' roll: $5.45/roll
RainbowTape™ is similar to other bird control tapes, with the enhancement of holographic reflecting patterns.
RainbowTape™ 1" x 500' roll
Predator kites indicate the presence of a hungry raptor circling above their prey. The kite's fluttering sound also creates constant noise that helps convince pest birds to move along. Our plastic Eagle Kite (approx. 48" W x 27" L) and Golden Eagle Kite (approx. 36" W x 24" L) can be flown in winds up to about 18 MPH. Ideal for bird control in vineyards, orchards, row crops, etc.
Eagle kite for bird control
Eagle Kite: $12.25/each
48-inch Wingspan
Golden eagle bird control kite
Golden Eagle Kite: $9.95/each
36-inch Wingspan
Video icon
Click here to see kites in action.
Eye Spot Balloons have large colorful eyes that are designed to replicate the threat of a live predator bird. Durable, weatherproof PVC material assures season long performance. About the same size and weight as a beach ball. Ideal for bird control outdoors and indoors (barns, warehouses, etc.).
Terror Eyes balloons are similar to Eye Spot Balloons but are larger around and incorporate 3-dimensional holographic eyes to frighten birds.
Representing a constant watchful predator, the 3-D eyes appear to move forward and sideways, following birds as they fly by. Made of heavy-duty vinyl. Slightly larger than a beach ball. Orange color with yellow and black markings. Ideal for bird control indoors and outdoors.
Terror eyes bird control balloon
Eye Spot Balloons for bird control
Terror Eyes Balloon: $44.50 each
Eye Spot Balloon (Yellow, White, or Black): $5.95/each

Eye Spot Balloons & Terror Eyes Balloons are not for use with helium.

The all new Prowler Owl scares birds with dynamic realism. This owl decoy resembles the most-feared aerial predator, the Great Horned Owl, which catches and eats almost anything that moves.
  • Lifelike design increases effectiveness
  • Accurate plumage and hunting flight pose
  • Intimidating, glassy eyes
  • Flexible wings move and flap in the wind realistically

Install Prowler Owl decoy in any open outdoor area where pest birds or small critters are a problem. Target pests include: pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, blackbirds, grackles, seagulls, swallows, etc.; also small animals such as skunks, rodents, rabbits, squirrels and more.

  • Mounting: Place neck opening on a 1/2-inch diameter pole
  • Dimensions: 44-inch wingspan, 23-inches total head-to-tail, 6-inch head diameter
  • Weight: about 1-1/4 lbs.
  • Materials: Head is hard plastic resin, body/wing is extra-durable, waterproof non-woven fabric supported by flexible cables and riveted plastic struts
Prowler Owl
Prowler Owl: $42.00 each
The Prowler Owl is effective where visible for up to 6,000 sq. ft. Recommended for use in open outdoor areas, such as:
  • Parks, fields, trees
  • Rooftops
  • Marinas
  • Yards & gardens
  • Golf courses
Bird Defense utilizes patented Sound Shapes® that strike each other randomly in the wind producing a pleasant musical sound that annoys pest birds (sounds similar to bamboo wind chimes). Brilliant reflective surfaces aid in scaring away most predatory birds without disturbing neighbors or general farm animals.
Bird Defense kit includes four 1/2-inch x 12-inch PVC extensions, two arms, three connectors, eight Sound Shapes, and two holographic metalized film strips. Assembled size is approximately 50-inches tall x 26-inches wide. Installation: fasten to stake or pole, or slip unit over 3/8-inch rebar staked in ground. Easily add extra height with 1/2-inch PVC pipe.

Discontinued item, limited supply remaining.

Bird Defense kit
Plastic owls for bird control
Lifelike Plastic Owls are made of a sturdy, weather-resistant plastic. Most practical for bird control in gardens, on patios, and areas where pest birds roost, these owl decoys are helpful in scaring birds and other small pests. Hollow body with loop for hanging.
Plastic Owl, 17" tall: $13.00
Plastic Owl, 21" tall: $17.75
Bird Defense kit: $29.95

Effective February 19, 2014.
Prices subject to change without notice.
F.O.B. Salinas, California, USA.
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