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Our Sutton Jr., Mini-Sutton Jr., and 3-pt Sutton Jr. push planters handle high density seed planting with ease, flexibility, and efficiency.

Our Sutton Jr. and Mini-Sutton Jr. push planters are designed specifically for high density, small plot planting.
Sutton Jr. seed planter
Our Sutton Jr. high density seed planter has a handle that's wide enough to accommodate 2 operators so you can plant without disturbing the planted seed lines. At about 80 lbs., it's light enough for a single operator to push. Maximum planting width is 24-inches. Can plant up to 17 seed lines.
Easy clean-out
Removable hopper provides efficient seed clean-out. Only one hopper per bed makes seed changes quick and easy.
Sutton Jr. seed hopper
Rotating brushes inside the Sutton Jr's removable hopper agitate seed through holes in the seed plate.
Reliable ground wheel drive
Seed agitation is provided by the front roller. Sturdy front and rear PVC rollers leave the planted bed very smooth, similar to tractor planted fields.
Quick seed plate change
Single plate design makes hole size changes quick and easy. Inexpensive plastic seed plates make it affordable to use many different sizes.
Sutton Jr. seed plates
Sutton Jr. seed plates are available to plant a variety of seed sizes (click on picture to enlarge).
Simple shoe height adjustment
Easily accessible adjustment knobs allow for quick modification to shoe height.
Sutton Jr. planter shoe
Sutton Jr planting depth adjustment
Shoe height adjustment can easily be made while in the field (click on picture to enlarge).
Sutton Jr. shoe inserts are made from a non-stick ceramic filled plastic.
Flexible number of seed lines
Seed lines can be plugged-off, allowing different crops to be planted in a variety of ways. Shoe rack accommodates very close spacings.
Sutton Jr. seed lines
Shoes can be spaced as close as 1/2-inch apart .

Sutton Jr. can plant up to 17 seed lines, with a maximum planting width of 24-inches.

Mini-Sutton Jr. can plant up to 7 seed lines, with a maximum planting width of 15.5-inches.

Mini-Sutton Jr. seed planter
Our Mini-Sutton Jr. incorporates the features of our standard Sutton Jr. into a more compact design. It weighs about 65 lbs. and has a narrower handle to accommodate a single operator. Maximum planting width is 15.5-inches. Can plant up to 7 seed lines.
Sutton Jr. with 8 shoes with holders and 4 seed plates is $1,990
Mini-Sutton Jr. with 4 shoes with holders and 1 seed plate is $1,759
Either planter can be purchased with fewer or more shoes / seed plates. Contact us for a specific quote.

3-Point Sutton Jr. Planter
Our tractor drawn Sutton Jr. with 3-point hitch plants bed tops up to 48-inches wide (60-inch beds). Being tractor drawn, the 3-pt. Sutton Jr. delivers a very consistent and accurate planting.
3-pt. Sutton Jr seed planter

In addition to the features of the standard Sutton Jr., our 3-pt. model includes:

  • Steel rollers with scrapers
  • Individually adjustable chromium shoes
  • Electric drive seed agitation
  • Two 10-outlet seed hoppers for planting up to 20 lines are standard on the 3-pt. Sutton Jr., with the option of two 17-outlet hoppers for a maximum of 34 seed lines.
Chromium planter shoes
3-pt. Sutton Jr. comes with durable, long wearing chromium shoes.
Above: 3-pt. Sutton Jr. with two 10-outlet hoppers. Set-up for planting 13 lines on a 60" bed. (can plant up to 20 lines).
3-pt. Sutton Jr. with two 10-outlet seed hoppers, 12 shoes with holders, and 6 pairs of seed plates is $5,464.
Additional options and equipment are priced according to a variety of factors. Contact us for a specific quote.

If you'd like to order Sutton Jr. equipment, please call us toll-free: 866/280-6229
Effective May 8, 2014. Prices subject to change without notice. F.O.B. Salinas, California, USA.
Sutton Jr. planter shoeSutton Jr. with 3-pt. hitchSutton Jr. high density seed planter