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Many owners of Planet Jr. and 12MX planters have been at a loss for replacement parts and upgrades since the original manufacturer ceased production several years ago. Now, Solex is once again making these durable implements available. Solex logo

Solex Multi-Seed Planter: $1,143
The Solex Multi-Seed Planter (12MX) is built around a traditional design for both seeding and fertilizer application. Parts and accessories for the Solex Multi-Seed Planter are interchangeable with your existing 12MX planter.
Solex Multi-Seed Planter (12MX)
  • Accurately plants all large seed crops.
  • Simultaneously plants and places fertilizer.
  • Accurately place fertilizer at a rate of 34 to 650 pounds per acre.
  • Rugged, cast iron and steel construction for years of durability.
  • Deep-V seed opener promotes fast germination, early emergence, and uniform stands.
  • Split-rim concave cast iron press wheel firms seedbed, but leaves loose zone directly over seedbeds.
  • Scraper keeps press wheel free from build-up.
  • Opener floats independently of press wheel, and provides consistent planting and metering.
  • Slide-gate controls fertilizer application rate.
  • Set seed depth with handle.
  • Change seed plates by simply removing wing nut.

The Solex Multi-Seed Planter comes with three seed plates and four distance gears for a wide selection of crops and planting distances.

Solex Seeder Plates (12MX)
Medium seeds
(beans, peas; 42 cell plate)
Large seeds
(corn; 12 cell plate)
Small seeds
(milo, sunflower, squash;
16 cell plate)
Multi-Seeder mounting options:
  • 2.25" Bar Hitch (for diamond mounted tool bar): $36
  • 3-Point Hitch (for mounting direct to tractor): $113

Solex Planet Jr: $673
The Solex Planet Jr. is an affordable new implementation of a classic planter design. Solex Planet Jr. parts are tested 100% interchangeable with original Planet Jr™ seeders, so you can be sure all parts and accessories provide exact replacement parts for your older Planet Jr™ equipment.
  • Rugged, cast iron and steel construction for years of durability.
  • Spring-loaded scraper prevents build-up on press wheel.
  • Press wheel is just under 3-inches wide with concave design which firms the soil, leaving a loose zone directly over seeds.
  • Adjustable floating coverer pulls dirt over seeds.
  • Soil opener slices a clean furrow at a consistent depth.
  • Seed flow is automatically cut-off when unit is lifted.
  • Large capacity, 5-quart hopper is standard.
  • 4-inches of float incorporated into floating hitch permits each drill to independently follow ground contours.
  • Large, 3-inch wide front wheel levels the seed bed and provides steady drive to the hopper.
  • Enclosed gear drive provides positive drive transfer.
  • Planting depth is set by a wing nut on the seed opener, no tools are needed.
Solex Planet Jr.
The Solex Planet Jr. comes with three seed plates.
Solex Planet Jr. seed platesPlanet Jr. plates
Additional Solex Planet Jr. plates are $21 each
Solex Planet Jr. mounting options:
  • 5/8" x 2" Hitch: $38
Solex Planet Jr. hitchPlanet Jr hitch

Chain Driven Seeder
Solex Planet Jr. seed plates
Solex Chain Driven Seeder: $395
The 2-spout chain driven seeder from Planet Jr™ has been one of the most popular high density planters available. The replacement Solex Double Spout Chain Driven Seeder comes ready to mount with:
  • 3 Seed plates with 39 meter hole choices
  • 9.5 Quart capacity hopperShaft and sprocket

Capable of planting a wide variety of high density seeds such as: spinach, spring mix, cilantro, and parsley.

Additional Solex Double Spout / Planet Jr. 2-spout planter plates are $22 each.

Effective March 17, 2014.
Prices subject to change without notice. F.O.B. Salinas, California, USA.
Planet Jr. plates12 MX planter12 MX platesPlanet JrPlanet Jr