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A variety of options and accessories are available for Ortomec harvesters. Ortomec logo
Harvester head options
In addition to harvesting baby spinach and leafy greens, different cutting head and product belt options allow for mechanical harvest of head lettuces and other labor intensive crops with Ortomec harvesters.
Herbex Cutting System (alternate harvester head and product belt system)

The Herbex cutting system uses a special blade to harvest crops that are cut at soil level. Instead of a band blade, Herbex features a reciprocating blade that can be adjusted to cut just above the soil for head lettuce, or just below the soil for mache and spinach. Herbex combines with various harvesters and product belt options to harvest different types of crops (including head lettuces) with minimal labor. Herbex can be attached to Ortomec Series 8000 and 9000 harvesters.

Herbex harvester head
Head lettuce harester
Herbex with Finger-Belt

Herbex combines with Ortomec's patented finger-belt for mechanical harvest of full head lettuces.

Flexible fingers imbedded in the belt gently grip the heads to prevent their rolling off the belt.

Harvested lettuce on finger belt
Above: Ortomec Series 9000 harvester with Herbex and finger belt system harvesting head lettuce (butter leaf) on 12-foot wide beds.
Herbex with Green Line Bunching System

With the Green Line bunching System, you can effortlessly bunch and band product. Green Line uses a system of belts to hold product upright and channel it up the conveyor to workers for quick and convenient banding. The Green Line system is ideal for bunching, and is also used when harvesting head lettuce. Green Line with Herbex can be attached to Ortomec Series 8000 and 9000 harvesters (6 rows maximum on an 80” harvester).

Herbex with Green Line system Herbex with Green Line system & crowders
Above: Herbex cutting head and Green Line system for harvesting head lettuce. Above: Herbex cutting head and Green Line system with "crowders" for harvesting fuller head lettuce.
SVC5 harvester with folded canopy & deck
Folding Canopy & Extended Folding Deck

Durable, canvas canopy provides shade over workers and product.

When not in use, the canopy and galvanized framework are folded down out of the way.

The extended folding deck folds-up when not in use.

Canopy and folding deck can be added to Ortomec Series 9000 harvesters.

Shaker table for lettuce harvester
Shaker Table System

The shaker table is stationed at the top of the product belt and catches product on its way to bins.

As product moves over the plastic chain-belt, shaking action sifts out cotyledons, small and half-cut leaves, etc. before they reach your bins, leaving you with a more consistent, higher value product. The shaker table features stainless steel construction, food-grade bearings, and a stainless steel pinned plastic chain-belt.

The shaker table system can be attached to Ortomec Series 4000, 8000, and 9000 harvesters.

Air Jump System

Shaker table function is enhanced with the addition of the air jump system.

The air jump system uses a hydraulically driven fan to channel air to the air jump (air gap), and to the front blower. The front blower sends a steady flow of air directly over the product, just ahead of the cut. This feature helps keep unwanted debris from reaching the product belt. The air jump (air gap) serves as a gravity separator at the top of the product belt, separating undesirable/heavy material from harvested product just before it reaches the shaker table.

Air jump can be attached to Ortomec Series 9000 harvesters.

Air jump system for lettuce harvester Air jump system for lettuce harvester
Above: front blower Above: rear blower
Water spray system for lettuce harvesters
Water Spray System

Cut product must be kept as fresh as possible while it awaits refrigeration. Stationed over the shaker table, the water spray system sprays a fine mist of water on the product just before it reaches the bins. This small amount of water helps the cut leaf retain moisture, ensuring freshness of harvested product. An 83 gallon stainless steel tank provides enough water for 5 - 6 hours of harvest.

The water spray system can be attached to Ortomec Series 9000 harvesters.

Lettuce harvester product conveyor, single
Product Conveyors

The product conveyor attaches directly to the deck of the harvester, and is powered by the harvester’s hydraulic system.

With minimal handling, product is transferred directly into bins on your trailer, further increasing your labor savings. Available with single or dual conveyors.

Conveyors can be attached to Ortomec Series 8000 and 9000 harvesters.

Roller table & carousel for lettuce harvester
Roller Table and Carousel System

The roller table and carousel system transfers filled totes to a trailer traveling alongside the harvester.

Roller table and carousel systems can be installed on Ortomec Series 4000, 8000, and 9000 harvesters.

Ortomec harvester optionsWind screen attachmentStainless steel harvester head
Wind Screen Attachment

The wind screen attaches to the rail of the head and envelopes the belt, providing an excellent canopy over the product. As the product travels up the belt, crosswind is prevented from blowing it off the head.

The wind screen can be attached to Ortomec Series 7000, 8000, and 9000 harvesters.

Stainless Steel Head

As product quality and safety concerns gain greater attention, many growers are choosing the new stainless steel head and cover assembly. Stainless steel is standard on Ortomec Series 4000 and 9000 harvesters.

The painted head on any Ortomec harvester can be substituted with stainless steel.

Ortomec Harvester Lighting Options
The Ortomec light tower comes with 2 lights and is used for high overhead lighting.
Harvester light towerLettuce harvester lights
Many farming operations begin before sunrise. Different lighting options provide excellent illumination for your Ortomec harvester.
SVC5 lettuce harvester with lights
Lettuce harvester lightsOrtomec harvester light, incandescent Ortomec harvester light, fluorescentLettuce harvester lights
For lighting the deck area, harvested product area, and cutting blade area, a combination of incandescent lights (headlight style) and fluorescent lights (tube style) are ideal.
Pricing for Ortomec harvesters & accessories depends on a variety of factors. Please contact us for a specific quote.
Head lettuce harvesterSVC spinach harvesterSpinach harvester headLettuce harvester lightsLettuce harvester lightslettuce harvester lightslettuce harvester lightsLettuce harvester lightsLettuce harvester lightsHarvester carouselRoller tableHead lettuce harvesterHead lettuce harvester