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Sutton Ag is the U.S. exclusive distributor of Zon propane cannons and accessories.

Zon Automatic Scarecrows have been used worldwide to scare pest birds and wildlife away from agricultural crops, airports, disposal sites and other critical areas since 1942.

Zon Propane Cannon logo
The Zon EL08 Electronic Propane Cannon provides multiple and random sonic blasts to frighten and disoreint pest birds and wildlife. One cannon will protect from one to five acres, depending on the shape and topography of the area.

The Zon EL08 Cannon comes standard with legs that stand it about one foot off the ground. An optional rotating tripod is available to elevate the cannon and required 12V battery.

Zon EL08 Electronic Propane Cannon $480

Blast volume up to 130 decibels. Sound level adjustable via telescopic inner barrel.

Multiple blast capability
Electronic timer can produce 1, 2, 3 or 4 blasts in a series with approximately 5 seconds between consecutive blasts.

Programmable configuration
Blast intervals can be set between 1 minute and 60 minutes.

Random blast settings
Electronic timer provides 3 different random blast interval settings for the EL08 cannon (1 to 5, 1 to 10, and 1 to 15 minutes).

Enhanced timer
There's no need to purchase a separate on/off timer. The EL08 cannon includes a 24-hour timer that can be programmed with up to 4 daily on/off periods.

Zon EL08 Electronic Propane Cannon
Operation of the Zon EL08 cannon requires a propane tank
and 12-volt battery (not included).

Economical operation
A full 20 pound (5 GAL) propane tank provides approximately 15,000 EL08 detonations. Ignition produces more than 1 million detonations.

On-demand ready
The Zon EL08 includes an auxiliary input for optional control by the Push-Button Zon Cannon Activator.

Virtually maintenance free
The only moving part on the EL08 cannon is the valve that controls the gas flow. No more broken springs to replace, no worn out diaphragms - less time in the repair shop means more time protecting your investment!

Newly revised, zinc-plated barrel (inner/outer megaphone) on the Zon EL08 Cannon resists corrosion.

Zon EL08 cannon and tripod
The EL08 rotating Tripod Assembly includes a platform for
the required 12V battery (battery and tank not included).
The optional Zon EL08 Tripod Assembly ($145) elevates the cannon 4-1/2 feet high, and allows it to rotate approximately 60 degrees with the impact of each blast. This protects more acreage since each blast is in a different direction from the previous.

Includes a rotating platform that holds the required 12-volt battery.

EL08 tripod is 4.5' tall and can be made up to 4 feet taller with the addition of Tripod Extension Kits.


On-demand propane cannon firing is the most popularly requested Zon accessory.

Push-Button Zon Activator will operate the Electronic Zon EL08 cannon, or a mechanical propane cannon with the Zon 4MT08 conversion kit.

Push-Button Zon Activator $180

Zon EL08 with Push Button Activator
Zon Push Button Activator
Zon activator includes 18' of cable. At this short distance, ear/hearing protection must be utilized when firing the cannon.

Electronic Zon EL08 Propane Cannon options checklist (all accessories sold separately)

On-demand firing?
Yes, with addition of the Push-Button Zon Activator ($180).

On/off timer?
Not needed. The Zon EL08 features a built-in timer.

4' Tripod Assembly?
Yes. The electronic cannon Tripod is available ($145).

Rental units?
Electronic cannon rental units are not available at this time. We have a large inventory of mechanical propane cannons in our rental program. EL08 cannons may be added in the future.

Repair service?
Yes. We offer an economical EL08 cannon repair service with quick turnaround.

Taller tripod?
Yes. 4' electronic cannon Tripod ($145) can be made taller with the addition of 1 or 2
Tripod Extension Kits ($30/kit).

Effective February, 2014. Prices subject to change without notice. F.O.B. Salinas, California, USA.
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