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The EarthWay Garden Seeder is an ideal row crop planter that takes the guesswork out of planting any row crop. EarthWay logo
EarthWay Garden Seeder
Lightweight and inexpensive, the EarthWay Garden Seeder (1001-B) is the push planter for small planting jobs. It’s handy for seeding trials, and can also be used to fill in skips in larger plantings. Each unit comes with 6 different seed plates: corn, bean, pea, radish, carrot, beet. Optional plates are available for additional crops (cauliflower/broccoli, cucumber, popcorn, lima bean, and carrot-light).

Here’s how it works:

  • Install one of the precision seed plates that best fits your seed,
  • Adjust the depth of planting on the ground opener,
  • Set your 30” long row marker for the desired width,
  • Fill the seed hopper with seeds,
  • Begin pushing in your well tilled soil.
Each EarthWay Garden Seeder is $99 and comes with six standard seed plates:
If you need a "replacement-set" of standard EarthWay plates, order 1 each of the below plates. $6.50 per plate ($39 for all 6).
EarthWay seed plate / cornEarthWay corn seed plate
Corn 18100 (1002-4)
8.5" spacing. Will plant most varieties of sweet corn and some other larger seed types.
Beans 18103 (1002-14)
3.5" spacing. Also used for small peas.
EarthWay seed plate / beansEarthWay bean seed plate
EarthWay seed plate / radishEarthWay radish seed plate Radish 18101(1002-5)
1.5" spacing. Also plants some leek, asparagus, spinach and other fine seeds.
Peas 18104 (1002-18)
1.5" spacing. Also plants jumbo and early June peas. Use bean plate for small peas.
EarthWay seed plate / peasEarthWay pea seed plate
EarthWay seed plate / carrotEarthWay carrot seed plate
Carrot 18102 (1002-10
Uniform spacing. Also plants lettuce, turnip, endive, cabbage, onions, tomatoes and other fine seeds.
Beets (18105)
3.5" spacing. Also plants okra, Swiss chard and other medium size seeds.
EarthWay seed plate / beetsEarthWay beet seed plate
Optional EarthWay Seed Plates are $6.50 per plate:
EarthWay seed plate / carrot-lightEarthWay carrot-light seed plate
Carrot-light 18108 (1002-9)
Uniform spacing. Lighter planting than standard carrot plate. Also plants lettuce, rutabaga, kale, cabbage, mustard, turnip and other fine seeds.
Popcorn 18112 (1002-29)
8.5" spacing. Plants seed sizes less than .25" (6.3 mm) in diameter.
EarthWay seed plate / popcornEarthWay popcorn seed plate
EarthWay seed plate / broccoliEarthWay cauliflower/broccoli seed plate Cauliflower/broccoli 18109 (1002-24)
1" spacing. Also plants cabbage, turnip, rutabaga, mustard, onion, and similar fine seeds.
Lima beans 18124 (1002-27)
12" spacing. Also plants peanuts and other large seeds
EarthWay seed plate / lima beanEarthWay lima bean seed plate
EarthWay seed plate / cucumberEarthWay cucumber seed plate Cucumber 18110 (1002-26)
8.5" spacing. Also plants pumpkin, gourds, squash, and other flat seeds.
Custom EarthWay Seed Plates are $31.50 per plate:
Coated lettuce, hole size 13.0, 1-inch spacing
Coated lettuce, hole size 13.0, 1.5-inch spacing
Coated lettuce, hole size 13.0, 2-inch spacing
Broccoli, 2-inch spacing
Broccoli, 3-inch spacing
EarthWay Fert-A-Ply
Other optional EarthWay equipment includes the Fert-A-Ply side-dress fertilizer applicator attachment: $57.50.

We also stock a variety of replacement parts (wheels, belts, ground openers, etc.).
EarthWay seeder parts
EarthWay multi-seeder
With the EarthWay Multi-Seeder, you can plant multiple lines at the same time.

Two or more EarthWay units can be assembled with row spacings form 5-inches, up to practically any desired width. Units are attached together using all-thread.

2-Row EarthWay MultiSeeder: $234
3-Row EarthWay MultiSeeder: $345
4-Row EarthWay MultiSeeder: $450

To prepare the EarthWay Multi-Seeder to your specifications, we need to know what spacing you want between rows (distance between row centers). It's not yet available in our online store, but you can order toll free by calling us at 866/280-6229.

Effective April 30, 2014. Prices subject to change without notice. F.O.B. Salinas, California, USA..
EarthWay Garden Seeder partsEarthWay Garden Seeder3-Row EarthWay multi-seederEarthWay fertilizer applicatorFert-A-PlyEarthWay garden seederSeed platesFertilizer applicatorEarthway multi seeder