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Our custom built seed planter equipment makes your precision seeders even more precise.
Custom farm equipment logo
Seed planter sled


Adjustable height sleds provide the planter support and weight distribution essential to accurate seed placement.

Planter sleds also provide:

  • Optimum planter tracking for more accurate cultivation.
  • Improved planting depth control.
  • Even greater planting depth control with the addition of bed rollers.


Our catwalk and bench attach directly to your planter sled, or can be incorporated into stacker bar construction.

From the catwalk, you can:

  • Safely observe the planting process.
  • Assure seed levels are correct.
  • Refill seed hoppers.
  • Check for shoe clogging.

The catwalk also provides space for carrying seed containers and planting supplies.

Catwalk & bench on seed planter sled
Catwalk & bench on stacker bar
Each catwalk is built to your specifications, and can accommodate nearly any desired walking surface. Can be built with bench, or without bench.
Custom farm equipment from Sutton Ag is suitable for a variety of seed planters.
Stacker bar with Stanhay belt planter
Pictured at right: Stanhay belt planter in Sutton Ag stacker bar without catwalk. Five lines on an 80-inch bed for lettuce.
Pictured below: Sutton Seeder in Sutton Ag stacker bar with catwalk. Three, 80-inch beds for planting up to 40 lines on each bed. Pictured with rear spray boom and shield.
Stacker bar with Sutton Seeder Sled with Stanhay vacuum planter
Pictured above: Stanhay vacuum planter in Sutton Ag sled with catwalk. 30 lines on an 80-inch bed for spinach and spring mix.
Stacker bar with Gaspardo vacuum planter
Seed Spider in Sutton Ag sled
Pictured above: Seed Spider in Sutton Ag sled with catwalk and bench. 42 lines on an 80-inch bed for spinach and spring mix.
Pictured above: Gaspardo Vacuum planter in Sutton Ag stacker bar with catwalk. For planting on four, 40-inch beds with four seed lines per bed, or two, 80-inch beds with 10 seed lines per bed.
Pricing for our custom equipment depends on a variety of factors. Please contact us for a specific quote.
Custom built catwalkPlanter sledCustom built catwalkSutton Ag planter sledsSutton Ag planter sledsCustom built catwalkSutton Ag planter sledsCustom built catwalkCustom built catwalkSutton Ag sleds