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Zon Propane Cannon (volume pricing is available):
Zon Mark 4 Propane Cannon (mechanical, single-blast cannon) $280.00
Zon EL08 Electronic Cannon (electronic, multiple-blast cannon) $480.00
Zon Propane Cannon Accessories:
Zon 4’ Tripod Assembly (elevates & allows rotation of Zon Mk 4 Cannon) $125.00
Zon 4’ Tripod Assembly (elevates & allows rotation of EL08 Cannon) $145.00
Zon Tripod Extension Kit (consists of 3 legs, 2’ long each) $30.00
Zon Automatic Timer (for Mk 4 or other mechanical propane cannon; n/a Zon EL08 Electronic Cannon) $107.00
Zon 4MT08 Electronic Conversion Kit (for any mechanical cannon) $199.00
Push Button Zon Activator (requires EL08 Cannon, or cannon with 4MT08 Kit) $180.00
Propane Cannon Rental Program See separate price list
Bird Control Pyrotechnics (volume pricing is available):
(EPCD) Bird Bombs® with Caps (100) $48.00 + Hazmat Fee *
Bird Whistlers® with Caps (100) Federal license NOT required $45.00 + Hazmat Fee *
Extra Blank Caps, .22 caliber (100) $8.00
Single–Shot Launcher $33.00
Double–Barrel Launcher $42.00
(EPCD) Shell Crackers, 12 Gauge (100) $120.00 + Hazmat Fee *
EPCD Storage Magazine Model 1 (5 cu. ft) $550.00
EPCD Storage Magazine Model 2 (2 cu. ft)
Mag model 2 is manufactured at our in-house fabrication shop, and may need to be scheduled for production. Please contact us for availability via email: or phone:  866/280-6229
Pyrotechnic bird control devices are strictly regulated and not for sale at our online store. Please contact us for more information.
Bird Control Netting (volume pricing is available):
Premium Grade BirdNet, Full Roll, 14' Wide x 5,000' Long
Premium Grade BirdNet, Fruit-Zone Roll, 3.5' Wide x 5,000' Long $175.00
Premium Grade BirdNet, Precut Length, 14' Wide x 500' Long $115.00
Premium Grade BirdNet, Precut Length, 14' Wide x 300' Long $75.00
Premium Grade BirdNet, Precut Length, 14' Wide x 100' Long $39.00
Bird Gard Units:
Bird Gard PRO (1.5 acres/single internal speaker) $240.00
Bird Gard PRO Plus with replaceable chip (3 acres/2 external speakers) $420.00
Bird Gard Super PRO with replaceable chip (6 acres/4 external speakers) $720.00
Wireless Bird Gard Super PRO (6 acres, includes 1 wireless 4-speaker box) $1,050.00
Bird Gard Super PRO PA4 (includes 1 PA style speaker) $525.00
Bird Gard Accessories:
External Speaker with 100' cable (PRO, PRO Plus, & Super PRO units only) $50.00
4-Speaker Box with 50' cable (for Bird Gard Super PRO only) $230.00
Wireless 4-Speaker Box (for use with Wireless Bird Gard Super PRO only) $520.00
PA Style Speaker (for PA units only) $85.00
Sound Chip, Additional (not available for Bird Gard PRO) $45.00
5-Watt Solar Panel (for PRO unit) $150.00
15-Watt Solar Panel (for PRO Plus, Super PRO, and Wireless Super PRO) $275.00
Battery Cables w/Clips $15.00
AC Adaptor (specify model when ordering) $25.00
Visual Bird Control Devices (volume pricing is available):
Bird Baffler™ Reflective Tape,Silver/Silver, 1” x 500’ Roll $3.45
Bird Baffler™ Reflective Tape,Red/Silver, 1” x 500’ Roll $3.75
Extended Use Flash Tape, Red/Silver, ~.5” x 290’ Roll $2.60
Extended Use Flash Tape, Red/Silver, ~1.25” x 290’ Roll $5.45
Rainbow Tape™, ~1” x 500’ Roll $5.95
Bird Defense (discontinued item; limited quantities remain) $29.95
Eagle Kite (made of economical plastic, ~48” wingspan) $12.25
Golden Eagle Kite (made of economical plastic, ~36" wingspan) $9.95
Prowler Owl (~44" wingspan) $42.00
Plastic Horned Owl, 17” $13.00
Plastic Horned Owl, 21” $17.75
Eye Spot Balloon (yellow, white or black) $5.95
Terror Eyes Holographic Balloon (orange with yellow & black markings) $42.00
Miscellaneous Bird Control / Wildlife Control:
Rejex-it® Migrate™ Bird Repellent (gallon) $95.00
Rejex-it® Fog Force™ Bird Repellent (gallon) $185.00
Dyna-Fog® Falcon Thermal Fog Applicator $1,125.00
Bird Repellent Gel (10 oz tube) $9.65
Blackhole Gopher/Rodent Trap $10.95
Safety Devices:
Ear Plugs .50¢
Eye Goggles $3.50
Launcher Lubricant (1.5 oz drip bottle) $3.45
Effective February 19, 2014. Prices subject to change without notice. All orders are F.O.B. Salinas, CA. For your convenience, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and Paypal or can ship via COD service. Credit terms are net cash within thirty days on approved credit.

You must comply with all federal, state, and local regulations before purchasing EPCD (explosive pest control devices) from Sutton Ag. A federal explosives permit is generally required for purchase of EPCD.

*Hazmat Fee:
Shipments of Bird Bombs®, Bird Whistlers®, and Shell Crackers are subject to hazardous materials handling fees imposed by UPS/FedEx (currently $28.50 per package), in addition to freight charges. We are not licensed to ship these devices to Oregon.

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100 blanks are included with purchase of Bird Whistlers100 Bird Whistlers with blanksSingle Bird Whistler cartridge